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Welcome to CERD, an impartial media platform that offers essential information on current events in the United States of America. Our collaboration with anti-corruption organizations and active citizens ensures the objectivity and truthfulness of the information we provide.

CERD represents a unique news source whose main goal is to deliver unbiased and uninfluenced news. Our editorial team operates independently of government censorship and is not subject to the influence of multinational corporations or billionaires.

The CERD platform emphasizes freedom of speech, the opportunity to express oneself, and the right to provide information about the real state of society regardless of race, religious beliefs, economic status, or political ambitions. We are a voice of objectivity and truth.

We are currently working on expanding our services to include online news from all countries around the world, video reporting, uncensored discussions, and the opportunity for citizens to freely express their opinions and viewpoints.

CERD is more than just a media outlet; it is a platform for free and independent communication that reflects the reality of our times. Our aim is to continuously innovate and provide you with the most current news coverage in the broadest scope possible.

About Us


In today's world, it is important to have access to objective and unbiased news. Our mission at CERD.com is to provide truthful and thorough journalism that helps people understand complex global events.

Our goal is to strengthen awareness and responsibility in society by delivering news from various perspectives, maintaining independence, and adhering to the highest journalistic standards.

We believe that access to quality information is key to a fairer and more transparent society. We strive to be the voice of those who are not heard and to present reality without embellishment or distortion.

How do we operate?

We follow several key principles that help us stay objective and independent.


Rigorous Journalism

Each report is carefully verified and supported by factual evidence. We ensure that our reports are always objective and unbiased.


Integrity and Ethics

We maintain the highest moral and ethical standards in everything we do. Our reporting is always transparent and honest.


Global Perspective

We cover events from around the world and strive to bring diverse perspectives to every topic.


Community Engagement

We encourage active involvement of our readers in discussions and invite them to contribute to shaping the content and topics of our journalism.

Anti-Corruption Hotline

The anti-corruption hotline is here for your anonymous testimony, which can stop corruption and criminal activity.


Register of Debtors

Ensure with a detailed extract from the registers that your financial history is really clean and free of any debts.


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Detailed reports and analysis


The Central Information Agency (CIA) actively participates in the global fight against corruption through collaboration with national anti-corruption agencies and the platform https://anticorruptionhotline.com, emphasizing the protection of individuals and facilities.

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