About Us


In today's world, it is important to have access to objective and unbiased news. Our mission at CERD.com is to provide truthful and thorough journalism that helps people understand complex global events.

Our goal is to strengthen awareness and responsibility in society by delivering news from various perspectives, maintaining independence, and adhering to the highest journalistic standards.

We believe that access to quality information is key to a fairer and more transparent society. We strive to be the voice of those who are not heard and to present reality without embellishment or distortion.

How do we operate?

We follow several key principles that help us stay objective and independent.


Rigorous Journalism

Each report is carefully verified and supported by factual evidence. We ensure that our reports are always objective and unbiased.


Integrity and Ethics

We maintain the highest moral and ethical standards in everything we do. Our reporting is always transparent and honest.


Global Perspective

We cover events from around the world and strive to bring diverse perspectives to every topic.


Community Engagement

We encourage active involvement of our readers in discussions and invite them to contribute to shaping the content and topics of our journalism.

Anti-Corruption Hotline

The anti-corruption hotline is here for your anonymous testimony, which can stop corruption and criminal activity.


Register of Debtors

Ensure with a detailed extract from the registers that your financial history is really clean and free of any debts.


News Coverage: Sierra Leone

Detailed reports and analysis